Dems for McCain Scranton Zero Hour

Here at Democrats for McCain HQ in PA, a volunteer received a call from a gentleman in Virginia.  He pulled the lever for McCain three times and each time Obama’s name and photo came up.  The gentleman is African American, 92, with his family, and strenuously objected.
Good news: A baby was born in Scranton last night, and Dems for McCain are going to court for an emergency ballot for Mom to vote!!!
That’s a great story.  I hope it makes the media.
It’s interesting here – a moderate numer of hang ups, rude Obamabots, “don’t want to say” voters, and enthusiastic McCainiacs – and we’re working from a list of registered Democrats!
We’re all tired but hanging in there, working hard, making calls, ferrying people to the polls.  The bell keeps ringing – for confirmed McCain voters – which gives us all a lift.
Keep up the good work and the prayers.  Very important.  You who can’t come out and join us at the HQs probably do even more for us with your prayers.

A CNN reporter commented that Obama does better in the air, while McCain does best “on the ground.”  That may be because his personality is centered and grounded in Faith and American Values.
God willing, we’ll be celebrating a victory for America and Freedom tonight!!
God bless you all.

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