The Pretender

(Pretender is a term for an imposter seeking a throne to which he is not entitled)
What name comes to mind as you read the following?
No Birth Cert.
No High School Graduation Cert
No proof of graduation from Columbia.
No one from his class remembers him.
No proof of graduation from Harvard.
One article in Harvard Law review, rewritten by his professor.
No peer review at Chicago U
Paid by the Pritzger Foundation at Chicago U – didn’t qualify as a junior lecturer let alone “Professor of Constitutional Law.”
Never slept on the streets.  Just look at the hands and effete manner.
Didn’t write his autobiography alone, if at all.
Signed his name to the racist, anti-white sentiments attributed to him.
Won all his elections by default, or, as in the final one, thuggery and racism.
Ran the dirtiest campaign Hillary Democrats had ever seen – that’s something coming from Democrats!
Nicknamed “The Empty Suit” by fellow Illinois State Senators
Seldom showed up to Senate votes or functions, except, notably, to vote to murder infant survivors of abortion – murder by injection of potassium chlorate through the thorax, directly into the beating heart.
Thousands of alleged strange odd-figured donations – as if converted from foreign currency.
Hundreds of complaints of voter fraud, voter harassment, even attempted homicide by (his) supporters, not investigated by the FBI.
Endorsed by Mo Quadaffi
Endorsed by Moslems in the UN and around the world
Was raised and educated in Indonesia as a Muslim.
Despises the United States of America
Tramples on the Constitution of the USA
Grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya and spoke publicly and with pride about it.
Kenya proclaims publicly that it is his birthplace with a huge sign to that effect.
Descended from a family of slave traders and communists
Campaigned for his Luo cousin Odinga on the platform of “Change.”
Odinga lost the election and he and his followers burned Christians alive in the Church where they had taken refuge.
No censure of his cousin, condemnation nor call for restraint
Grandmother conveniently died two days before the election.
Was she kept on ice or did he pull the plug in time for the sympathy vote?  Or did she die naturally – albeit without her grandchildren and “loving daughter in law” at her bedside?
Demise of white mother and white Grandparents shrouded in secrecy.
Bodies of white family burned and thrown off a cliff.
No memorial.  No service.  No respect.
Flouted American law to visit embargoed Pakistan and allegedly train with the Taliban
Has spent two million in legal fees to conceal his true place of birth.
Has many Social Security numbers.
First US Passport given as part of Senate protocol.
The State Department can provide evidence of his arrival in the USA, or his mother’s return from Kenya, if prior to the birth witnessed by Kenyan Grandmother in Mombasa and his citizenship, if indeed he is a citizen, but doesn’t.
One can only ask why.
Third question:  Do we “respect the office of the President” enough to throw out the fraudsters?
July 2018
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