Abortion, a viable issue

Why is Sarah Palin bringing up abortion?
Some question whether abortion is a viable issue.
In th
Frankly, any person that advocates the suffocation of an infant deserves to be in jail.  I said “advocates.”  I don’t include women coerced or deceived into seeing abortion as a solution.  That is directed against persons who legislate against the protection of children born alive.
Ever see a woman break down twenty years after the murder of her aborted alive infant son?  
You see if the baby was alive when it was aborted, it was alive in utero.

The Culture of Death brought us abortion.  Abortion brings us euthanasia, presently practiced de facto in American hospitals.  One of Obama’s health care solutions may just be to euthanize persons that his “nationwide data base” considers unfit.

Abortion devalues life; it has lowered standards of hospital care; scarred women physically and psychologically, devalued the human person,  massacred our sense of outrage, created a climate where the human body becomes a commodity and where amorality is the norm.
And who is more amoral than Barry Hussein Obama?  Who, in the public arena, (is) less respectful of human life? Of the American constitution? Of the people’s right to self determination?
Ask the Kikuyus who survived Obama’s endorsee Raila Odinga’s violent attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Kenya and who, through violence, succeeded in inserting himself one of the highest “elected” positions in Kenya.
Barrack Obama and Raila Odinga – CHANGE – by any means necessary to overthrow the legitimatety elected government.
Abortion destroys more than a beating heart.
Abortion destroys society.
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