Was Ian Fleming trying to warn us? Today’s “Goldfingers…”

This draft hid, so I reworked it Will come back, refine and meld both. Thanks for your patience, friends.

NWO – my version

It’s odd that the latest 007 was cancelled coincident to humorous references to the Rothschilds as Bond “villains.”

They certainly fit the image – secretive, wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of Croesus, shoulder rubbing with heads of state, royalty, yet more powerful than many states combined.

I can’t say they’re “legitimate bankers,” because nowadays that’s an oxymoron! I will say they have a questionable history.

Feb 4> B o E’s asset grab Yahoo online

As expected, the European Central Bank left interest rates unchanged at 1.0 percent for the ninth month running. Likewise, the Bank of England kept rates on hold at a record low of 0.5 percent and announced no increase to its unprecedented 200 billion pound asset-buying programme.
(Reporting by Brian Gorman)

Rothschilds unify holdings by having French branch (Concordia) swallow up the English branch… This relatively recently.

Relevant to France, they recently consolidated all of their English holdings with their French ones, named CONCORDIA, placing British billions firmly under French control.

http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSWEB485920070717 (Rots unifies holdings) BTW – The House of Rothschild also owns Reuters and Associated Press.

I’m sure the robber barons allegedly employed by Rothschild, inc. will laugh over their Chateau Lafite at the broadness of my version of their meticulously laid out plan, but we’re beginning to finally “get it.” Hopefully before it is too late.
1. Move drugs into communities.
2. Close them down.
3. Create unmitigated social disorder and disruption that sheer survival consumes energy and focus.
4. Stealthily undermine pillars of society, and social order, encourage multiculturalism and miscegeny.
5. Increase taxes.
6. Import trouble – ie Islam
7. Create global diversions, ie war.
8. Lend money at high interest to government waging war.
9. Export defenders
10. Import workers to displace defenders and take jobs from indigenous people.
11. Stir up social disturbances to quell and imprison dissenters.
12. Allow vulnerable to die from want and lack of services
13. Give their homes, assets and allowances to imported trouble makers
14. Drive more jobs and industries abroad.
15. Acquire and destroy local/national industry.
16. Drive the rest of the indigenous population abroad – denying the right to vote where and whenever possible.
17. Erratum. Seize the homes of the now indebted ancestral population, then drive them abroad to work in entry level positions with no hope of advancement.
18. Seize the resources of the imported trouble makers, pitting one imported colony against the other.
19. Renege on promise to reward local traitors by setting up “Inquiries” to expose the illegality of their conduct.
20. Return to castle in France to gloat.
21. Awaken in horror to find the troublemakers have breached the moat and are burning down the castle…and there’s no where to go and no more idiot Christians to protect them!

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