CAMPAIGNING WITH PUMA – A Conservative spills the coffee beans…



Campaigning with Democrats for McCain and PUMAs led to new appreciation for true patriots in all parties.

I was no great fan Hillary Clinton before she became Senator Clinton.  I saw her as a carpetbagger.  Of course I wanted a Republican Senator for New York, but my reservations with regard to Hillary Clinton derived from my perception of her as an abortion advocate.  Not accepter, not supporter, but advocate.

However, that seemed to suit the majority of New Yorkers.

Her marriage was difficult.  A highly intelligent woman married to an intelligent successful man will be put on a hill and expected to gaze up at the great male mountain top.  Her accomplishments will always be seen as relative to him.

A highly intelligent woman married to an average man will see herself ignored, passed over, criticized, demoted, and so on.

A single, intelligent, woman is just a twitch.  

As a Homeopathist in Pharmatech-public-fund driven NYC, I saved Medicaid approximately $3 million on one patient. He had spent 18 months in a $1500 a day unit, with additional emergency costs.  Within two months of my treatment he was moved into a $500 a day unit, and the crises and costly interventions ceased.  He regained partial use of his limbs and mobility.

My fees, like Obama’s salary at U Chicago, were paid from private funds.  Unlike Obama, I earned my salary.

Think of the response if a man had brought a stroke victim out of a coma within 24 hours, etc.

Before Hillary’s health care initiative, private insurance providers appreciated my work, and the enormous savings to them and covered my patients’ fees.  After the smoke cleared and HMOs took over health care, the insurance industry was restructured and hostile.  Patients paid their own way.  Another reason to reserve support for our Senator.

I never doubted Senator Clinton’s intelligence, ability, resourcefulness, energy, but always wished it had been put to issues of femininity:  resources for the bright and superbright female child; abuse of women in labor, and defenseless neo nates; maternity and post natal care, appallingly backward in the land of the Free and Brave, attitudes to mothers, attitudes to older women, professional and internecine abuse of women in America and around the world, the dispensibility  of women.

Some said that she obtained her Senate suit through her husband’s influence.  From my  POV it seemed as if she obtained it despite his exigencies.  She took a horrendous situation and made it work for her.

As a Homeopathist I applaud similia similibus curenter.   Let Likes Cure Likes.

I watched with interest as Senator Clinton threw her hat into the Presidential ring.  A strong debater, she more than held her own with every male candidate.  She raised funds and spoke on behalf of Democrats up and down the nation.  Her own war chest was significant.

Until!  She ran against a carefully constructed, corrupt, Chicago based campaign that used a “minority” candidate to push through a highly questionable and potentially dangerous agenda.  They created an image of an Ivy league educated, Constitutional lawyer, calling him a Chicago University professor.

The man didn’t have the credentials to be an assistant lecturer, so they created a role for him, along with a title, and obtain private funds to pay him for showing up once a week and posing at a blackboard.

The media went into feeding frenzy.  Hillary became “chum.”  Hillary fought back.  Her supporters fought back.  Hillary rose above the media, so they stopped attacking her and ignored her.  They focused on elevating the “tingle up the leg” of Chris Matthews -homo-erotica anyone? – suppressing and ignoring disturbing reports and recordings of unholy alliances with terrorists, embezzlers, subversives, slumlords.

It’s interesting to note that he is drawing on Clinton staffers – none of BO’s supporters would pass a normal HRA investigation, let alone obtain an FBI Clearance.

Hillary kept going, awesome in her stamina and new grace under fire.  I began to feel a reluctant admiration for the Senator of New York, which grew incrementally as the media continued its adulation of the “Empty Suit” from Chicago.

Hillary’s Senatorial colleagues may have called her a “Pantsuit,” but never “Empty Suit,”  Illinois’ Senators monniker for BO. 

I watched, in shock, as the Democrat Nomination was stolen from Hillary, under the media’s nose, in full view of an acquiescent nation.

After all, we had slavery for a few decades – followed by Equal Rights for minorities.  Millennia of abuse and murder and plagiary of women are insignificant in contrast.  The Equal Rights Amendment was squashed way back in the eighties, never to return.  Women were divided by abortion – another male strategy. Why should women earn equal pay when so many of us have worked for nothing to advance the career of a husband or male colleague, too often divorced, or dumped or cheated on in consequence of self neglect on behalf of the “important” half.

It’s “their” time.

Civil Rights was not supposed to be about the “color of skin.”  It was a call to respect based on the content of character.

Hillary was used and abandoned by the political left whom she had served so well.  She and her husband, Bill, were treated as “useful idiots” past their time.

We Republicans were bemused.  We saw it as an internal problem for the Democrats to resolve.

We did not have the sense to look beyond the “Empty Armani.”

BO has expensive tastes, befitting “The One.”

I asked where a junior senator could outspend a world figure like Hillary.

I started asking other questions; where did he come from?  who are his friends?  what are his policies?

We know everything except question number on: “where did he come from?”

No birth certificate, transcripts, medical records.

Could a woman get away with that?

The answer is, “No.”  A woman must have her t’s – and legs – crossed and her i’s dotted and mascara’d.

A woman can’t even sit on a park bench in civilized countries to write a letter or a poem if she’s pretty.  If she’s older, it’s “get lost, crazy lady.”

The backstory on Barack Obama read like a really bad Hollywood movie and the generation raised on really bad Ho’wood movies, bought it.  Hook, line and sinker, with a lot of help from the bought, sold and paid for media.

Hillary stepped down.  Outspent, outprofiled, outraged and outflanked by pork loving NY politicians, such as Rep. Charles Rent Control Rangel, she accumulated debt of $20 million.

And the BO behemoth went on, fueled by questionable donation and the cheated labor of the poor and disenfranchised.

Senator McCain won the Republican Nomination.  The Right was initially disappointed, given his moderate outreach, but threw themselves behind the campaign and grew to know, respect, and love the heroic, courteous Senator.

He shocked and delighted the world with the nomination of Governor Sarah Palin.  Tears turned to cheers, and Palin won hearts and minds with her acceptance speech.

And the media turned venomous.  As hateful as they were toward Senator Clinton, they were even more spiteful to the brilliant, experienced, capable Governor Palin and on Nov 4, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama and cohorts succeeded in hijacking the White House.

Again, this went unchallenged.  The illegal donations, falsified voter registrations, media lies and distortions, absence of proof of natural birth in the USA, absence of college transcripts or proof of graduation, ghost written “autobiographies,” witnesses to heavy drug use, etc., ad nauseum, were suddenly buried and the media lauding their plaster saint.

During the course of campaigning for McCain Palin, I changed.  It was Hillary’s PUMA people who changed me.

They rose above party lines, and held to principle.  They had experienced the unprecedented dishonesty and violence of the Obama campaign far longer than we had.

They sensed he was dangerous for Democracy, and put aside their differences on Roe v Wade, etc., to elect Senator McCain.

Democracy is better than theocracy or Despotism.  Obama’s campaign, by all accounts, was despotic.

The anticipated use of “executive privilege” gives us no hope of “change” for the better.

His campaign for “change” for his Luo (African Slave Trading Tribe) cousin, Raila Odinga, led to riots and murder in Kenya, the most heinous of which was the burning alive of women and children.

Not a squeak from “squeaky clean” “Empty Suit,” Barack Obama.

I rode in a bus to Scranton, PA, with Republicans, Democrats, Moderates, all of whom questioned “the content of character” of the Dem far left candidate.  At Democrats for McCain HQ we were welcomed by the women running it.

I had a difficult relationship with my mother.  She shut the door on me while she and the older sister jawed away.  My sister was difficult, enabled by my mother, her sibling rivalry stoked by my exceptional intelligence and public awards.  Intellectual triumph was always turned on me.  I consequently found it difficult to trust women, but we had a job to do and that was to elect an American (ideological and natural born) to the White House, so I took a deep breath and walked in the Democrats for McCain storefront door.

So I found myself elbow to elbow with Hillary supporters, male and female.  We manned phones, mostly, cold calling voters.  Some went out to post signs, or to campaign in person.

Over three days, I found myself enjoying the presence of so many other women.  Food was always available; the bathroom was spotless. Oh gee, cooking and cleaning -domestic values. 

No, standards! Women are held to higher standards than men – military excepted.  We can run a campaign without turning HQ into a frat house.  And the PUMA ladies had their ducks in a very orderly row.

Or at least the PUMA ladies can.  They can also call in food when necessary. The food was catered, save for occasional home cooked treats.

As a former GOP Foreign Relations “Team Leader,”  I have a global perspective. However, I thought I had a handle on local and Federal politics.

After a day at Democrats for McCain, I was astonished at how little I actually knew about running a strong, grass roots, campaign.

The Dems for McCain/PUMA strategies were intelligent, the result of years of dedication and experience.  Their dedication, in particular, impressed me.

Their tolerance and acceptance of our different work methods impressed me.  Some kept their heads “down” on the phones and call sheets for hours.  Others, for various reasons, like me, took frequent breaks.  Various members of MSM called and failed to show up.  They took it in stride, but the betrayal of local media outlets seemed to hurt deeply.

They’d been here before, on the Hillary trail. They had seen their hopes of a woman Presidential candidate dashed.  They witnessed the outright theft of the Democratic Nomination by a man whose only qualifications was a bottomless well of US petro dollars slurping up from sugar Sheikhs, a slew of shady friends and associates, and accessories within the misogynist Main Stream Media and a population conditioned to believe black man clever, white man stupid, white woman stupider, and worse – controlling.  Throw Hillary from the Train….

Obama’s acceptance was the result of decades of conditioning: African American/minorities had rights, whites better suck it up.  This applied to college, employment, small business, grade school, housing, medical care, harassment, abuse, assault and other criminal issues.   In the 80s Ms Magazine published a survey demonstrating that African American girls had high self esteem, while Euro-Asian-Indo American girls suffered from low self esteem.  The magazine mysteriously went out of business before it could fulfill its promise to investigate the factors that led to that.

Perhaps when 16% of the population gets 50% of the managerial positions, is constantly affirmed in the media, while the remainder are bombarded with putdowns and have to fight for the remaining jobs, self esteem and hope can plummet.

90% of the MSM support abortion on demand.  It serves their pleasures.

The campaign for McCain Palin took on a different energy.

It was not about party politics.  It was not about power, but patriotism.  “Country First” took on a new dimension.  Like the magnet in a dynamo, it had positive and negative poles working together to create energy, momentum.

“Country First” was both a call to patriotism, and a slap at the sellouts in DC and across the country, the sellouts who drank the “color of skin”  Kool aid and ignored the “content of character” of Barack Hussein Obama, aka, the “Empty Suit.”

We experienced the full effects of the conditioning in the months approaching the Democrat Convention as African American women upped harrassment and assault on White women, in subways, elevators, places of no exit. Black men either watched silently or threatened.

This was definitely about the color of skin, not about the best deal or the best candidate for the United States of America.

Barack Obama could not qualify as a junior lecturer in a State University.

Barack Obama would probably challenge any ranking security clearance.

Barack Obama could not produce a valid birth certificate.

Barack Obama could not recommend any of his associates for high office – nor himself, for that matter.

Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as running mate, hoping Joes goofiness would make him appear intelligent.

The far left machine rolled him relentlessly into the White House, but it failed to crush Senator Clinton, Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

It defrauded them for sure, but Clinton and Palin will fight back with fervor.

I can only imagine Senator McCain’s deepest thoughts on being shot down by the Communists twice in one lifetime.

Like the women of Scranton, Sen Clinton and Gov Palin showed stamina, guts, fortitude, intelligence and resilience.  Gov Palin showed she could manage the media with a special needs baby in one hand and a speech in the other.  She outranked, outsmarted and outspoke the junior parvenue from Illinois.  She ran a tight ship in one of the most challenging – and beautiful – States in the Union.  She “could see Russia from her doorstep,” a comment eviscerated by a media too stupid to realize that if a woman knows she has a hostile neighbor, she will research that neighbor; that her contiguity to Siberia required State Department briefings and that she negotiated an energy pipeline through the territory of a pristine foreign ally.

While Obama stammered off expensively authored scripts, Palin thrived off script.  She was her own person, and best unconstrained by overly anxious handlers and sneaks/plants.  What she didn’t know, she learned in a heartbeat, and won hearts with her courage, skills and stamina.  She was a heart for the nation.

One or both will be back.  We may have three months before the hijacking of democracy is complete.  If the Pretender decides that the adulation of the multitudes is worth more to him than the manipulations of his marioneteers, we may have four years as he stalls various attempts to test and prove his allegiances. 

Whatever time we have, it is essential to put in effect strategies and programs for the development of women, all women.  We need to reward women like my daughter, in the top 2% in Math and English nationwide during High School, obliged to sweep her college stairs, struggle against “child of irish immigrant” stereotypes since kindergarten, now unemployed with a Masters in Literature.

We need to look at women like myself, a girl too advanced for High School physics, with the literacy equivalent of an Oxbridge graduate at the age of nine, excluded from Fordham Lit, Drama and History as an adult with the words, “that’s an incredible resume – what can we do for you…,”  or “the one most likely to succeed” at Juilliard Extension, (Music Composition) but no programs, no support or follow up.

We need to look at women’s health issues, so far monopolized by abortion and “reproductive rights,”  and the neglect of Euro-American health issues: a rainbow of auto -immune diseases widely neglected in favor of the “I hear you say you want to be sick” approach of orthodox medicine, patronizing at best, downright misogynist at worst.

We need to revise our interpretation of “leadership,” which rewards the school bullies and penalizes the quiet, cogent children to whom the disenfranchised turn for advice assistance, guidance.  I don’t know the attribution, but the “best leaders are those who have leadership thrust upon them!”

We worked together in Scranton, as women, as adults, as individuals, as a team, without cultish collectivism.  We had leadership, in Carol, and the other women who had fought for Senator Clinton’s nomination.  The leadership was subtle, but clear and present.  “This is what we want; this is how we intend to obtain it.  We are here if you have questions or needs.”

This was transforming; in my Marxist childhood, “friendly opposition” did not exist.  It was “do or die” and ruthlessness was a virtue.

Coming from the NY Gulag; the warped, far left Democratism(sic) that I experienced here, the sellouts that switched Hillary buttons to Obama overnight, campaigning with the ideologically apposite PUMAs became a noble and empowering experience.  The bond was patriotism – Country First.





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