Missing Malaysian jetliner

OK – So I appear to be right again and the Malaysian 777 was hijacked.
The nose dive may have indicated a struggle – or a DELIBERATE attempt to mass murder all passengers.

Next question: to where? It had enough fuel to reach any airport in the moslem zone – Indonesia, Pakistan, afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and their emirates. There are enough sheikh n bakes in that region with private super jets and runways for a 777 to land and take off. List A.

It is easier to conceal a Jumbo in a remote jungle airstrip, so…unless they’ve been extended – think unusual transport of concrete and oil tankers or boats in remote areas, jungle airstrips are on List B.

NOW – the response of moslem Malaysia has been bizarre.  Dilatory, evasive, as if giving the putative hijackers time to get away.

The behavior of ground service crews have been bizarre.

To miss one, two, even three markers suggests that someone is having a VERY BAD DAY – sick, hungover, stoned. But five security markers…NAH!

So this is more than a couple of rogues showing their moslem moxie. There’s a heck of a lot more to this story and it opens up Very Scary possibilities.

Hint: if you see a 777 flying low in the sky, run like the dickens perpendicular to the flight path.


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