Obama’s rise to power has frightening parallels to the rise of Hitler

I am reluctant to inflict the name of Adolph H on anyone, but I am beginning to see an attempted Fourth Reich emerging.  I am sure you are aware that Hitler had a troop of Muslim fighters whom he praised highly.  Was the choice of the Brandenburg gate a coincidence or an homage to a role model?  Check some of the images in the first link you sent us.
Hitler was abandoned by his father.
Obama was abandoned by his father.
Hitler’s mother and father came from apposite cultural backgrounds
Obama’s mother and father came from apposite cultural backgrounds.
Hitler was disgruntled by the lack of enthusiasm for his technically well executed but sterile paintings.
Obama felt alienated at school and was unable to compete honestly at Columbia and Harvard.
Hitler had no respect for life.
Obama has no respect for life.
Hitler believed in murdering the disabled.
Obama believes in murdering infant survivors of abortion.
Backed by millions of Deutschmarks, Hitler could be charming and “charismatic” in person
Backed by millions of petrodollars, Obama can allegedly be charming and “charismatic” in person
Hitler’s “charisma” was bought and abetted by drugs
Obama’s “charisma” was bought and (early days at least) abetted by drugs
Hitler had powerful secret anti-Semitic sponsors
Obama has powerful secret anti-Semitic sponsors
Hitler had evil mentors (Stalin)
Obama has evil mentors – Ayers, al Mansour, al Walid
During his rise to power Hitler had a private army of thugs and bullies (Brownshirts)
During his rise to Presidential candidate, Obama has a private army of thugs and bullies (ACORN)
Hitler used a disabled economy to create social warfare
Obama and Cohorts manipulated a disastrous economic situation to create social warfare
Hitler used a desperate housing market to direct hatred against Jewish landlords
Obama and Cohorts manipulated the housing market to divert hatred against Republicans.
Hitler’s “overnight” rise to power took 12 years or more
Obama’s “overnight” rise to power took 12 years or more
Hitler threatened, bullied, beat and murdered the Press
Obama’s thugs threaten and bully the opposition, appear to have bought the Press.
Hitler’s supporters were racists and aryan supremacists
Obama’s supporters are manifest racists, black supremacists
Hitler’s supporters sought the extermination of all Jews
Obama’s supporters seek the destruction of Israel and all Jews and Christians….
It looks like we’re heading to a Fourth Reich – in the United States of America.
The 2008 Presidential Election is being hijacked; our economy critically wounded; our legitimate voters threatened and intimidated; our Constitution mocked; our polls rigged; fund-raising laws flouted; the people kept in ignorance of the true nature and purpose of the performing puppet of Sheikh al Walid, William Ayers, al Mansour, Ed Said, et al…
There is so much that it will tie up the FBI and DOJ for years.  Meanwhile, lying lips Barack Hussein Obama may coast into the White House on a flotilla of smoke and mirrors.  By the time it’s sorted, blood will be spilled.
Czech Nobelist said that “when a writer is silent, he or she is lying…”
Main Street Media is silent…deathly silent.
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Whoever is great, be it genius or holiness, alarms and shocks at first those who live in mediocrity and routine…
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