The Eurovision Song Contest and the Destruction of Europe

overhead shot of Ragland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin

This, too, may pass - if the EU has its way...

If there’s any one good reason to dissolve the European Union/EUSSR the Eurovision Song Contest is it!

The hokiness of the presenters, the stale feminist jokes, the crudeness of the male presenter shoving his hand flat against his colleagues face to “silence” her, “haha,” the spastic movements of the pretty Polish dancers, and, God help us all, the three AFRICAN singers representing NORWAY!  Singing something that sounded vaguely African. Good singers, fine if representing Africa or the USA, but hey, why should Nordic Scandinavians represent Norway

Did I mention the ubiquity of Turkey’s flags, placed carefully behind the presenters for all to see that the European Communist Caliphate is trundling toward genocide of the indigenous, heritage European people, and God help anyone who speaks up.

And of course all the songs are American style – but hey, substandard, eg lyrics like yer know,  “Chica chica boom boom” set to music I’m sure I’ve heard a thousand times before…Well, at least Armenia’s backdrop acknowledges the Stars and Stripes.

Sorry to say instead of turning it off as intended, I watch with the fascination of a rubber-necker at a train wreck. Just saw a painting of the Madonna defiled by a Turkish Artist…more American style rock desite their disdain for American “decadence” etc Set looks like a vision of Hell complete with flame bursts, semi naked feathered female contortionist in cage. Those moslem countries do so love and respect women.

The EUSSR so wants to be America! And does it soooo badly! The more I watch this garbage the more homesick I get for Old Glory!

The Europe that I loved, with it’s frisson of Christian based national cultures and rivalries, is dying.  Ironically it is the dominant cultures – Germany, France and Britain that have contributed most to its demise, and, as with German, France and special interests within Britain, have surely signed their own death warrant.

They cannot stand alone, and like it or not, the smaller countries of Europe served as a protective and complementary bulwark against which they stood, arrogant, chauvinistic and condescending, but still creative, despite the intermittent humbling of Three World Wars.  (I arrogantly include the Napoleonic Wars; although conflict was confined to the European, the impact was global and led to the American Revolution and the stirrings of a free and Democratic world.

The derogatory  “PIIGS,” an anagram applied to dominantly Christian countries, is applied to those countries checkmated into serfdom to the EU and it’s Central Bank(ECB) and IMF control by the simple expedient of coercing the traitors within to dump megatonnes of the taxpayers’ money and reserve funds into  ECB and IMF sister banks, ie, Ireland bailed out ECB/IMF affiliates, and was then obliged to borrow that money back from the ECB and IMF at crippling interest rates.

Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain.  One Orthodox, Four Catholic nations, all now secularised, debt ridden, culturally malnourished, demographically skewed and occupied by stealth.

The Eurovision Song Contest?  The deathknell of European culture and individuality.

Moi?  I’m going back to Mozart’s Requiem.  Somehow, all too sadly, fitting.


The photo is an overhead shot of Raglan Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin – still arguably the most desirable residential location in Dublin.  However, a number of  the once proud hotels there are in receivership and under the control of NAMA, the EU’s “pawnbroker…”  This would be unimaginable before the EU. 

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