Moslem Assault on Christians in Cairo

The Media is consistently dishonest in its reporting.  First of all there is no “Muslim Christian” conflict. or vice versa.

There are incessant assaults on Christians by moslems determined to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth. So called “moderate moslems” are under the same obligation, btw.

There is constant abduction of Christian women by moslems to expand the gene pool as  inbreeding has produced some very strange physiognomies indeed, not to mention birth defects, etc.  Of course, abducting and raping the wife of a Coptic priest would be a prize goal in the anti-Christian jihad and destroying the reproductive capacity and rate of Christians is all part of the demographic jihad.

I note that the massacre of unarmed Coptic monks a month or so ago was met with a deafening silence by Britain’s bolshevik broadcasting services.

The Christians in Egypt have been pushed back into a ghetto, educational opportunities limited, but they’re doing alright there, thank you very much. Until recently they were allowed to keep pigs to clean the streets, but the moslems rounded them up and burned them.

Where’s PETA on this and Halal meat???

As is, the theft of the pigs was less about economic disenfranchisement than about making the ghetto “safe” for a final all out assault on the last Christians in Cairo.

And the Media is silent. Newspapers in pre Nazi Germany showed more courage than today’s spoiled socialists.

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