Response to the BBBC

I’m posting a rapid, unedited response to BBC’s fatuous coverage of the election this morning, Nov. 4, 2008

No time to refine.  Apologies in advance for typos and/or erratic syntax.  God bless you, Ladybard


message to the beeb

No surprise that the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corpulents are promoting Obama.  “The face of American elections has been changed.”  How about bought, manipulated, threatened, bullied, hijacked, modelled on Hitlers rise to power.

Your melanist, ageist, female reporter focused exclusively on speculations about an “Obama” “Presidency” while your flaming slugs ran a comment on McCain’s age.

I just met McCain.  He’s an amazing man with extraordinary energy, appears to be in his fifties,etc.

Obama allegedly has had hip surgery.  There’s a downside to crack cocaine.  Damages brain and body, makes you a puppet of the far left.  Terrorists use drugs to control their zombies.  Obama’s companions are murderers and promote murder.

But hey, you’re the BBC.  We expats used to be proud of you.  Now your reporters can’t even pronounce “libera.” on the Mafia story. Disgrazia.

Now, England couldn’t protect me from extreme associates of my Sinn Fein dad.  BBC Radio set me up on an interview, broke its promise to playback (previous complaint)  and now you’re trying to enable and support the intellectual effete (sic) to change my American freedom into Islamo-commie despotism.  What a dyscrasia!

I already experience life under Obamanists.  There’s an ACORN lady in my building.  That’s why “the world hasn’t heard from me yet”  (One of your great, late knighted actors.)

So I’ll stick to In the Night Garden and sing Iggle Piggle to my grandboy who wont be raised in Londonistan, and look back at an England that was once great, wonderful and beautiful. 

Campaigning in Pennsylvania, a Republican among Democrats for Obama, who have extraordinary stories of violence and harassment, and the outright theft of the Democrat nomination from Hillary Clinton.  These are intelligent bright patriotic women, not bitter old biddies as the MSM such as yourself like to portray them.

More Iggle Piggle.  Fewer sadomasochistic how tos disguised as entertainment, and stop the biased butting in to our politics.

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