What if Obama isn’t the son of Stanley Ann Dunham?

I’ve wondered about his chin…it looks prosthetic.

Certain photographs show “seams” or scars around the left side of his face, and an L shaped scar on the rear right of his head.


What have Obama and cohorts been at most pains to conceal?


Yup, DNA. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was unceremoniously cremated and her ashes flung off a cliff in Hawaii.

No recoverable DNA.

Grandmother was “kept on ice” until BO’s ratings plummeted a week before the election, then suddenly, Grandma died and saved Obama’s bacon. Well, derriere – let’s not insult the pigs who provide food to so many people.

Grandmother also unceremoniously cremated – no loving grandchildren in attendance – and tossed off a cliff in Hawaii.

No recoverable DNA.

Then there’s the visit to Ireland – to his “Obama” ancestors. Not the “Dunhams” – His visit was an act of complete contempt and disrespect for his putative Irish ancestry.

As a moslem, probably extremist wahabi, Obama cannot be seen to drink alcohol. Khat, marijuana, crack cocaine, etc., are ok, but not alcohol.

Alcohol in the form of wine is of great significance and impot in Christian religious rites, therefore cannot exist in moslem countries.

But it is de rigeur for every visitor to down a pint of Guinness – never understood that myself, but there it is. A vat of special Guinness, ie, non-alcoholic, was brought for Obama and Michelle, quickly downed, but…THE GLASSES WERE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY and cleaned by the Secret Service.

Why the urgency?


Is Obama really a Saud? An Afghan? Or just who he claims to be – the fatherless child of a Marxist mother, seduced and exploited in her teens by her father’s Marxist friend, Frank Marshall Davis, child molestor and pornographer…

Will the Medical Records show a reconstructed face? Or just the usual age deception? Can we force him to show them?

Whatever way one turns, there are lies, taquiyya, taquiyya, taquiyya and more questions. The only answer I can clearly offer is the words of the Christ: “look at the fruit; by the fruit you shall identify the tree…”

Obama’s fruits are death and destruction. How much more will we allow the Mystery Masked Man of Murder and Mayhem to ruin our country?

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