The Eurovision Song Contest and the Destruction of Europe

overhead shot of Ragland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin

This, too, may pass - if the EU has its way...

If there’s any one good reason to dissolve the European Union/EUSSR the Eurovision Song Contest is it!

The hokiness of the presenters, the stale feminist jokes, the crudeness of the male presenter shoving his hand flat against his colleagues face to “silence” her, “haha,” the spastic movements of the pretty Polish dancers, and, God help us all, the three AFRICAN singers representing NORWAY!  Singing something that sounded vaguely African. Good singers, fine if representing Africa or the USA, but hey, why should Nordic Scandinavians represent Norway

Did I mention the ubiquity of Turkey’s flags, placed carefully behind the presenters for all to see that the European Communist Caliphate is trundling toward genocide of the indigenous, heritage European people, and God help anyone who speaks up.

And of course all the songs are American style – but hey, substandard, eg lyrics like yer know,  “Chica chica boom boom” set to music I’m sure I’ve heard a thousand times before…Well, at least Armenia’s backdrop acknowledges the Stars and Stripes.

Sorry to say instead of turning it off as intended, I watch with the fascination of a rubber-necker at a train wreck. Just saw a painting of the Madonna defiled by a Turkish Artist…more American style rock desite their disdain for American “decadence” etc Set looks like a vision of Hell complete with flame bursts, semi naked feathered female contortionist in cage. Those moslem countries do so love and respect women.

The EUSSR so wants to be America! And does it soooo badly! The more I watch this garbage the more homesick I get for Old Glory!

The Europe that I loved, with it’s frisson of Christian based national cultures and rivalries, is dying.  Ironically it is the dominant cultures – Germany, France and Britain that have contributed most to its demise, and, as with German, France and special interests within Britain, have surely signed their own death warrant.

They cannot stand alone, and like it or not, the smaller countries of Europe served as a protective and complementary bulwark against which they stood, arrogant, chauvinistic and condescending, but still creative, despite the intermittent humbling of Three World Wars.  (I arrogantly include the Napoleonic Wars; although conflict was confined to the European, the impact was global and led to the American Revolution and the stirrings of a free and Democratic world.

The derogatory  “PIIGS,” an anagram applied to dominantly Christian countries, is applied to those countries checkmated into serfdom to the EU and it’s Central Bank(ECB) and IMF control by the simple expedient of coercing the traitors within to dump megatonnes of the taxpayers’ money and reserve funds into  ECB and IMF sister banks, ie, Ireland bailed out ECB/IMF affiliates, and was then obliged to borrow that money back from the ECB and IMF at crippling interest rates.

Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain.  One Orthodox, Four Catholic nations, all now secularised, debt ridden, culturally malnourished, demographically skewed and occupied by stealth.

The Eurovision Song Contest?  The deathknell of European culture and individuality.

Moi?  I’m going back to Mozart’s Requiem.  Somehow, all too sadly, fitting.


The photo is an overhead shot of Raglan Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin – still arguably the most desirable residential location in Dublin.  However, a number of  the once proud hotels there are in receivership and under the control of NAMA, the EU’s “pawnbroker…”  This would be unimaginable before the EU. 


Moslem Assault on Christians in Cairo

The Media is consistently dishonest in its reporting.  First of all there is no “Muslim Christian” conflict. or vice versa.

There are incessant assaults on Christians by moslems determined to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth. So called “moderate moslems” are under the same obligation, btw.

There is constant abduction of Christian women by moslems to expand the gene pool as  inbreeding has produced some very strange physiognomies indeed, not to mention birth defects, etc.  Of course, abducting and raping the wife of a Coptic priest would be a prize goal in the anti-Christian jihad and destroying the reproductive capacity and rate of Christians is all part of the demographic jihad.

I note that the massacre of unarmed Coptic monks a month or so ago was met with a deafening silence by Britain’s bolshevik broadcasting services.

The Christians in Egypt have been pushed back into a ghetto, educational opportunities limited, but they’re doing alright there, thank you very much. Until recently they were allowed to keep pigs to clean the streets, but the moslems rounded them up and burned them.

Where’s PETA on this and Halal meat???

As is, the theft of the pigs was less about economic disenfranchisement than about making the ghetto “safe” for a final all out assault on the last Christians in Cairo.

And the Media is silent. Newspapers in pre Nazi Germany showed more courage than today’s spoiled socialists.

Obama and Osama – where’s the champagne?

I should be holding a glass of champagne – but I’m not.

If anyone should celebrate the demise of Osama outside the immediately bereaved of 9/11 it is a doctor with “Ground Zero” lungs and a playwright whose opening night was cancelled – complete with celebrities, pols, sympathetic press, etc.

I didn’t complain for three years because my loss was trivial in contrast to the horror of families assaulted by the images of their loved ones’ last moments.

I’m a playwright.  I can make that very vivid and real for you, but I shan’t.  Some of you may be the 9/11 bereaved, and the announced demise of Osama Bin Laden has already brought it all back in full and tragic technicolour.

To you I apologize for the following, but the person in the Oval Office has lost the last shred of possible credibility with the latest clumsy attempt to silence the birthers.

The announcement of OBL’s demise in a special ops sounds like a desperate attempt at damage control.

Then there’s BHO’s talent for disposing of evidence.  In his life story the bodies all disappear.

I know.  But for a man who shall be nameless for his own safety’s sake, and the NYPD, I would have “disappeared” too.  I have the temerity to speak up for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, ie, the American Constitution, in a Soros/Move NY district.  And by Life, I mean pre-natal human life, developing in utero, because without Life, there ain’t no Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Obama’s supporters were “picking off” the trouble makers.

And now for Osama…

BHO has no credibility for starters.

That OBL is found and shot at the zenith of BHO’s dubious “term of office” is the first flag.
That the Mid East is rocking with tension and the death of OBL is the match to set the global jihad in motion in flames is another flag.
That, thanks to the EUSSR and BHO the jihadists are now camped in force on Western ground is another flag.
And then there’s Obama’s skill in disposing of corpses – his mother’s, his grandmother’s incinerated along with white DNA and dumped unceremoniously off a cliff.  And now Osama’s.

And why believe anything from BHO’s cohorts in the WH – the “birth cert” is a forgery and a bad one at that.  The price of “affirmative action” and “intellectual” awards on the basis of skin colour or sexual orientation.

Again, as with everything in BHO’s shadowy, undocumented, unconfirmed life, there are more questions than answers, factoids than facts, spin than objective analysis.  By “factoid” I mean unsubstantiated statement and/or half truth.

“The stealth U.S. operation played out in a city with a strong Pakistani military presence and without notice from Washington.”  

“Instead, Obama signed an order on Friday for the team of SEALs to chopper onto the compound under the cover of darkness.”

Obama and his national security team monitored the strike, watching and listening nervously and in near silence from the Situation Room as it all unfolded.

“The minutes passed like days,” White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said.”

Yahoo News 

  1.  Does the USA have any agreement with Pakistan allowing us to invade Pakistan air space?  If yes, where was the strong Pakistani military presence, and if not –
  2. Is Obama as contemptuous of International Law as he is of the American Constitution.
  3. How could this operation go ahead “without notice from Washington” – when “Washington” was watching every step unfold and Obama “signed the order on Friday for the team of SEALs to chopper onto the compound…”
  4. Military choppers make a racket.  Were the occupants of OBL’s Abbotabad “redoubt” too stoned on khat to be aware of their arrival, take pre-emptive action and/or call the so called Pakistani “military presence.”  Bodies rappelling down from helicopters are easy pickings.  If this action was indeed bona fide then God bless our SEALS.
” Bin Laden’s remains were flown to the USS Carl Vinson, then lowered into the North Arabian Sea.”
The Russians would have wrapped him in pigskin.
But that’s the Russians.  To our own disadvantage, Americans prefer to respect the Religious Liberties of all.  However, islam is a cult not a religion.  There’s “no exit,” no way out.
Back to Obama and the bodies.
The present occupier of the White House  has a way with the disposal of documents, corpses, critics, etc.  Documents relating to his life are embargoed or under secrecy orders.  This leads to speculation not appropriate for a leader of the Free World, who, like “Caeser’s wife,” must be “above suspicion.”
The speculation includes: lack of eligibility for high office, treason, federal fraud as in improper use of federal educational funds, parentage other than that given: “my daddy ain’t my daddy but my daddy don’t know…”
And that’s just the documents.
When it comes to bodies, well, there’s speculation there too.
Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham/Obama/Soetero, teen mother or teen single mother, seduced by a Kenyan Luo studying at Harvard, goes to Kenya to give birth.  Or to Hawaii.  Does she ever go to Kenya?  Was she married to Obama of the Luo slave trading moslem tribe.  Did she convert then or later when she married Indonesian moslem Lolo Soetero?  Where’s the family album?
Where are Anne Dunham/Obama/Soetero’s medical records?  She dies young, allegedly from cancer, and her “loving son” incinerates her body and disposes of it off a cliff in Hawaii.  So he says.
Grandmother Dunham, with whom he lived during his brief, alleged, high school years in Hawaii, manages to survive until three days before the Presidential election and conveniently passes away in time for the sympathy vote.
And Irish American voters love their grandmothers.  They turned in droves.
Again – where’s the body?
Obama skipped off to Hawaii for a day to dispose of his grandmother’s remains.  The last sign of his white heritage burned and dumped off a cliff.
Again – No body! 
No loving family by the dying woman – if she were indeed dying and not already dead.  And who trusts Hawaiian documentation now????  No memorial service, Christian, native, moslem?
And where’s grand dad???? Pops????
No body!
And now Osama Bin Laden?  Serendipitously killed in a brilliant stealth ops by Navy SEALS on the order of BHO just in time to take the latest Birth Cert fraud off the front pages and at a good moment to foment the already primed and angry Mid East into Global Jihad.  
Shakespeare couldn’t have timed it better.
Again, no body.  Could be a tuna fish wrapped in a cloth and dumped back into the sea.
A slight problem with the chain of evidence…
Osama is long dead, the information, like grandma Dunham, kept on ice for future deployment.
And yet more evidence consigned to the fishes.

The Pretender

(Pretender is a term for an imposter seeking a throne to which he is not entitled)
What name comes to mind as you read the following?
No Birth Cert.
No High School Graduation Cert
No proof of graduation from Columbia.
No one from his class remembers him.
No proof of graduation from Harvard.
One article in Harvard Law review, rewritten by his professor.
No peer review at Chicago U
Paid by the Pritzger Foundation at Chicago U – didn’t qualify as a junior lecturer let alone “Professor of Constitutional Law.”
Never slept on the streets.  Just look at the hands and effete manner.
Didn’t write his autobiography alone, if at all.
Signed his name to the racist, anti-white sentiments attributed to him.
Won all his elections by default, or, as in the final one, thuggery and racism.
Ran the dirtiest campaign Hillary Democrats had ever seen – that’s something coming from Democrats!
Nicknamed “The Empty Suit” by fellow Illinois State Senators
Seldom showed up to Senate votes or functions, except, notably, to vote to murder infant survivors of abortion – murder by injection of potassium chlorate through the thorax, directly into the beating heart.
Thousands of alleged strange odd-figured donations – as if converted from foreign currency.
Hundreds of complaints of voter fraud, voter harassment, even attempted homicide by (his) supporters, not investigated by the FBI.
Endorsed by Mo Quadaffi
Endorsed by Moslems in the UN and around the world
Was raised and educated in Indonesia as a Muslim.
Despises the United States of America
Tramples on the Constitution of the USA
Grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya and spoke publicly and with pride about it.
Kenya proclaims publicly that it is his birthplace with a huge sign to that effect.
Descended from a family of slave traders and communists
Campaigned for his Luo cousin Odinga on the platform of “Change.”
Odinga lost the election and he and his followers burned Christians alive in the Church where they had taken refuge.
No censure of his cousin, condemnation nor call for restraint
Grandmother conveniently died two days before the election.
Was she kept on ice or did he pull the plug in time for the sympathy vote?  Or did she die naturally – albeit without her grandchildren and “loving daughter in law” at her bedside?
Demise of white mother and white Grandparents shrouded in secrecy.
Bodies of white family burned and thrown off a cliff.
No memorial.  No service.  No respect.
Flouted American law to visit embargoed Pakistan and allegedly train with the Taliban
Has spent two million in legal fees to conceal his true place of birth.
Has many Social Security numbers.
First US Passport given as part of Senate protocol.
The State Department can provide evidence of his arrival in the USA, or his mother’s return from Kenya, if prior to the birth witnessed by Kenyan Grandmother in Mombasa and his citizenship, if indeed he is a citizen, but doesn’t.
One can only ask why.
Third question:  Do we “respect the office of the President” enough to throw out the fraudsters?

VETERANS DAY – A Close Encounter




D. McNamara


It wasn’t a wrong turn, after all

Away from Brugges to 



And the tears of frustration

After all that driving

And careful navigation

Were not, after all, for me


But for all “our chaps;” English,

Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Yanks

Buried in Franco Belgian soil


We don’t mention the wars now

But in the drive from Milan, north,

North through Switzerland

Up, up and away across the autobahn

The oppression was still there

Hovering in the bright clean air

And the beautiful skies, gleaming

Over nations fair.


The boys of World War I

Too many shed their blood

In the fields and the marsh 

And the mud

That we do not quantify

Nor name

The shame of bigotry

And Hanover’s sibling rivalry


This shame

Of brutality

Of repeated cruelty

Of contempt

For the empty arms 

And shattered hearts

of mothers



Your sons are alive

Do not weep

“They are not dead,

but sleep,”

In the heart of 

Another mother’s Son


I continued my drive

through the 

Swards of red and gold

Poppies and wheat and

Started to weep like one


I pulled over the car

And cradled my head

on the wheel on the

Road through the

Poppy Fields of Flanders


And suddenly my sadness ceased

I felt a profound and radiant peace

And continued my journey

No longer alone

But bringing home

The hearts of

Our brothers, fathers, sons and spouses


From that moment on

I was aided and blessed

By my brothers in arms

No longer oppressed

Guided in best ways

For the rest of the day

And I felt quite merry

On the Norfolk Line ferry

Which gave me to sleep

A crew cabin, clean and neat


But it was over too soon

Docking in Dover

By the light of a chalk-lit moon

“We” were home once more

On England’s much loved shore

A beautiful, glorious sight

O sweet and lovely Albion night

by Deirdre McNamara, Dec 17th 2005.  Revised January 4, 2006

“Poppies, Flanders” is dedicated to all men and women who gave their lives inthe service of Freedom and in a special way to Peter Balfour of Norfolk Ferries, an angelic guardian for the latter part of that strange journey through History and Time, to Home.

June, 2002.  Mild revision, Nov 9, 2007

Link to flier of Ladybard’s drama,  “NINE ELEVEN”


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