Can’t fix ‘stoopid?’

It’s official; liberalism is a mental illness!  And yes the Kool Aid goes on working no matter how much evidence you have against the ‘Rev Jones…’ and other mass murderers.

I’ve had the privilege of living in a beautiful NW State, rich in natural resources, abounding in mostly kindly people, and absolutely gorgeous in landscape and forestry.

I’ve wondered why so many nicely spoken and courteous white people are homeless and begging on street corners; why the gubmint now wants to tax HOSPITALS,  why the jails are full of people incarcerated for buying takeaway in desperation and being unable to pay for it, while psychotic criminals are let out and dumped on Hospital Emergency Rooms, etc., unemployment is up, and why this beautiful State is 42nd in the mental wellness department…

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been in control for 30 years. And let the place go to hell in a hand basket.  In one city-town, which would be breath-taking with a little paint and fixing up, there seem to be more tattoo parlors than restaurants.  Transportation anomalies prevent exports, despite ample coastal access; and, instead of developing indigenous industries, to increase income, the Democrats TAX THE SICK, and appoint imported psychos to destroy lives in the local Family Courts…hence an abundance of grandparents raising grandchildren, runaways, homeless, etc., etc.

Point that out to someone who has complained about much of the above, that the Democrat Party has been in charge for 30 years, and they immediately respond that the ‘Republicans make it much worse…’

‘What century was that?’ you ask, pointedly, and the response is stunned silence.

It’s true, you can’ fix stoopid!


RIP Robin Williams

In context of Robin Williams sad death.

Nancy Andreasen, a leading neuroscientist and psychologist, co-wrote the first empirical study that proved the increased likelihood of mood disorder in creative people.

What absolute and utter superficial TWADDLE.

Unfortunately, as proven by global statistics, ALCOHOLISM and DRUG ADDICTION are equal opportunity diseases, with equally opportunity outcomes, whether the sufferer is a movie star, mathematician or manual laborer.

Genius is usually outgoing – in between projects, inventions, creations, etc. – but being visionaries and so far ahead of his her time, are often neither appreciated nor understood till later in life.

Or, particularly with truly brilliant women, subjected to horrendous jealousy, or attempted repression and deprivation of basic necessities and means to create.

However, similarly with men:  Mozart had 700 ‘rejection slips.’  Only heard 300 of his works performed, lived from paycheck to paycheck.  Van Gogh’s covetous brother stored his work, telling him no one wanted them.  He kept his genius brother on a stipend – enough for wine and coffee and a few rolls;  such a deficient diet would cause neurological anomalies and the appearance of mental illness, not to mention depression, said depression being from exterior factors, NOT intrinsic to genius.

By appearances, Williams probably did not have Parkinsons, but tardive dyskinesia or other well established side effects of his long term use of legal and illegal substances.

So get off your mediocre high horse, Andreasen; enough with indulged, leftwing mediocrities justifying their existence by condemning greater minds and imaginations who bring joy to a world that barely understands them.

So Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.  May all your tears be wiped away, and may you find true Joy and Rest in the arms of our loving Creator.

[“SOS- For Survivors of Suicides” by Deirdre McNamara has been reissued on  It is a self-help response to a reader in trouble, not an academic tests. ]

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