New York mayor bans… 4

New York mayor bans… 4.

“Why have a memorial service, then!”

It won’t be a “memorial” service.  It will be a promotion for “Islamic American” relations, a “touchy feely” exercise from “Obstruction of Justice” Bloomberg to further the construction of the triumphalist “Cordoba Mosque.”  He’ll tell us we’ve moved on and congratulate us on the mosque as a “symbol” of good relations, tolerance, forgiveness or some such misplaced virtues.  There will be no Firefighters to gag or remind everyone of the horrors they went through, some burning their fingers to the bone to search for their sons and brothers crushed during ill equipped rescue ops;  there will be no cops to remind us how many have died from cancer or lung disease;  no Christian chaplains or Jewish rabbis to remind us that the first fatality was Fr. Michael Judge, OFM and that Islam is diametrically opposed to Christianity and Judaism.  He will probably parade all the “great Islamic contributors” to America, etc., while his NWO-moslem associate in the WH spews other covertly anti American platitudes.


About ladybard

Playwright, composer, pro life. I was educated in the UK and Ireland before coming to the USA, where I have lived for most of my adult life. My plays and adaptations have been produced at St. Clement's Theatre, Theatre in Space, Symphony Space, The Cubiculo, etc. in NYC and my art songs performed at St. Peter's College, Newburgh Public Library, Goldwater Hospital AIDS Memorial Day, St. Elizabeth's Church, etc. I don't receive any grants.

2 responses to “New York mayor bans… 4

  1. Del

    The New York mayor should be kicked out of America along with his Muslims.

    • ladybard

      Agreed, Del. His main residence is London and he’s turned New York into a police state. London and the rest of England have the highest concentration of CCTV cameras of any country in the world, and they still have riots and brutal seductions and murders of English schoolgirls by the islamist “enrichers.” I have a deep love for England, my “cradle country,” and just wish Bloomberg would move to France – and leave his money behind, so to speak.

      Of course he can hop on his private jet, like his bankster buddies and run away from the mess he’s made. New York used to be chaotic and frenzied, but at least it had a soul and a dynamic creative core. Now it’s a shopping mall, and thanks to the globalists, soon shopping malls around the world will be selling the identical same old same old Mall product. Booooring!

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