Was Ian Fleming trying to warn us?

House of Rothschild – the real “Goldfingers?”

The House of Rot owns Reuters and Associated Press and manage to keep a low profile despite owning half the world and using the recession to scoop up even more of the world’s assets.

Are they ruthless and evil, like Fleming’s “Goldfinger” or just financially gifted?

Envy is the stalker of success; comments may be inspired by jealousy, but if they are indeed the instigators of the major wars of the last two centuries, and bring destitution, debtors prison and prostitution in their wake, then we better start praying folks.

If not, then let’s be civil, but spare our pity for the nations despoiled of their assets by De Beers, Rio Tinto mining, and a slew of companies under the control of their Concordia.

The sophisticated Rothschilds, inc. may laugh over their Chateau Lafite at the broadness of my version of their perceived strategy, but wiser eyes than mine may see some truth and run with it. Hopefully before it is too late.
1. Move drugs into communities.
2. Close them down.
3. Create unmitigated social disorder and disruption that sheer survival consumes energy and focus.
4. Stealthily undermine pillars of society, and social order, encourage multiculturalism and miscegeny.
5. Increase taxes.
6. Import trouble – ie Islam
7. Create global diversions, ie war.
8. Lend money at high interest to government waging war.
9. Export defenders
10. Import workers to displace defenders and take jobs from indigenous people.
11. Stir up social disturbances to quell and imprison dissenters.
12. Allow vulnerable to die from want and lack of services
13. Give their homes, assets and allowances to imported trouble makers
14. Drive more jobs and industries abroad.
15. Acquire and destroy local/national industry.
16. Drive the rest of the indigenous population abroad – denying the right to vote where and whenever possible.
17. Erratum. Seize the homes of the now indebted ancestral population, then drive them abroad to work in entry level positions with no hope of advancement.
18. Seize the resources of the imported trouble makers, pitting one imported colony against the other.
19. Renege on promise to reward local traitors by setting up “Inquiries” to expose the illegality of their conduct.
20. Return to castle in France to gloat.
21. Awaken in horror to find the troublemakers have breached the moat and are burning down the castle…and there’s no where to go and no more idiot Christians to protect them!

De Beers
Rio Tinto Mining Group
Avenue Foch
Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild
Bethmanns and Rothschilds
Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey
Château Lafite-Rothschild
Château Mouton Rothschild
Palais Rothschild
Rothschild (Fabergé egg)
Rothschild properties in Buckinghamshire
Hotel Lambert
Cecil John Rhodes
Rockefeller family
Old Money
Ascott House
The House of Rothschild (1934 film), addresses Rothschild roles in the Napoleonic era


About ladybard

Playwright, composer, pro life. I was educated in the UK and Ireland before coming to the USA, where I have lived for most of my adult life. My plays and adaptations have been produced at St. Clement's Theatre, Theatre in Space, Symphony Space, The Cubiculo, etc. in NYC and my art songs performed at St. Peter's College, Newburgh Public Library, Goldwater Hospital AIDS Memorial Day, St. Elizabeth's Church, etc. I don't receive any grants.

2 responses to “Was Ian Fleming trying to warn us?

  1. ladybard.wordpress.com’s done it once again! Great article!

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