Can’t fix ‘stoopid?’

It’s official; liberalism is a mental illness!  And yes the Kool Aid goes on working no matter how much evidence you have against the ‘Rev Jones…’ and other mass murderers.

I’ve had the privilege of living in a beautiful NW State, rich in natural resources, abounding in mostly kindly people, and absolutely gorgeous in landscape and forestry.

I’ve wondered why so many nicely spoken and courteous white people are homeless and begging on street corners; why the gubmint now wants to tax HOSPITALS,  why the jails are full of people incarcerated for buying takeaway in desperation and being unable to pay for it, while psychotic criminals are let out and dumped on Hospital Emergency Rooms, etc., unemployment is up, and why this beautiful State is 42nd in the mental wellness department…

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been in control for 30 years. And let the place go to hell in a hand basket.  In one city-town, which would be breath-taking with a little paint and fixing up, there seem to be more tattoo parlors than restaurants.  Transportation anomalies prevent exports, despite ample coastal access; and, instead of developing indigenous industries, to increase income, the Democrats TAX THE SICK, and appoint imported psychos to destroy lives in the local Family Courts…hence an abundance of grandparents raising grandchildren, runaways, homeless, etc., etc.

Point that out to someone who has complained about much of the above, that the Democrat Party has been in charge for 30 years, and they immediately respond that the ‘Republicans make it much worse…’

‘What century was that?’ you ask, pointedly, and the response is stunned silence.

It’s true, you can’ fix stoopid!


RIP Robin Williams

In context of Robin Williams sad death.

Nancy Andreasen, a leading neuroscientist and psychologist, co-wrote the first empirical study that proved the increased likelihood of mood disorder in creative people.

What absolute and utter superficial TWADDLE.

Unfortunately, as proven by global statistics, ALCOHOLISM and DRUG ADDICTION are equal opportunity diseases, with equally opportunity outcomes, whether the sufferer is a movie star, mathematician or manual laborer.

Genius is usually outgoing – in between projects, inventions, creations, etc. – but being visionaries and so far ahead of his her time, are often neither appreciated nor understood till later in life.

Or, particularly with truly brilliant women, subjected to horrendous jealousy, or attempted repression and deprivation of basic necessities and means to create.

However, similarly with men:  Mozart had 700 ‘rejection slips.’  Only heard 300 of his works performed, lived from paycheck to paycheck.  Van Gogh’s covetous brother stored his work, telling him no one wanted them.  He kept his genius brother on a stipend – enough for wine and coffee and a few rolls;  such a deficient diet would cause neurological anomalies and the appearance of mental illness, not to mention depression, said depression being from exterior factors, NOT intrinsic to genius.

By appearances, Williams probably did not have Parkinsons, but tardive dyskinesia or other well established side effects of his long term use of legal and illegal substances.

So get off your mediocre high horse, Andreasen; enough with indulged, leftwing mediocrities justifying their existence by condemning greater minds and imaginations who bring joy to a world that barely understands them.

So Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.  May all your tears be wiped away, and may you find true Joy and Rest in the arms of our loving Creator.

[“SOS- For Survivors of Suicides” by Deirdre McNamara has been reissued on  It is a self-help response to a reader in trouble, not an academic tests. ]

Missing Malaysian jetliner

OK – So I appear to be right again and the Malaysian 777 was hijacked.
The nose dive may have indicated a struggle – or a DELIBERATE attempt to mass murder all passengers.

Next question: to where? It had enough fuel to reach any airport in the moslem zone – Indonesia, Pakistan, afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and their emirates. There are enough sheikh n bakes in that region with private super jets and runways for a 777 to land and take off. List A.

It is easier to conceal a Jumbo in a remote jungle airstrip, so…unless they’ve been extended – think unusual transport of concrete and oil tankers or boats in remote areas, jungle airstrips are on List B.

NOW – the response of moslem Malaysia has been bizarre.  Dilatory, evasive, as if giving the putative hijackers time to get away.

The behavior of ground service crews have been bizarre.

To miss one, two, even three markers suggests that someone is having a VERY BAD DAY – sick, hungover, stoned. But five security markers…NAH!

So this is more than a couple of rogues showing their moslem moxie. There’s a heck of a lot more to this story and it opens up Very Scary possibilities.

Hint: if you see a 777 flying low in the sky, run like the dickens perpendicular to the flight path.


From Roosevelt Island to the rest of the USA -Assaulted…Where is the Outrage? – Tea Party Command Center

Assaulted…Where is the Outrage? – Tea Party Command Center.

1998 Columbian illegal (CI)says he and some mates are going to hang out in Southpark (so Roosevelt Island).  He is the cousin of one of my son’s schoolmates, who is here with his mother who works at the UN.  They have a three bedroom duplex on the West side of Roosevelt Island.  The cousin has his own room but columbian illegal sleeps on the floor behind the couch.  So one heck of a chip on his shoulder.  Can’t take it out on cousin, so takes it out on cousin’s mate – my son.

When Cormac gets to Southpark CI tells him the friends are over there, so Cormac moves ahead.  Something smashes on his head.  He turns around to see the illegal wielding a tire iron.  Cormac says “what the…” and Columbian drops the tire iron and takes a machete out of his inside coat pocket and starts hacking at Cormac.

His head is opened and his hand gashed – Cormac is an award winning artist (High School) He knows I volunteer at a nearby residential (no ER) hospital and runs for his life.  He is losing blood and getting weak but keeps going.  At the hospital they stabilise him and call me and an ambulance.  He is very weak and in a lot of pain but, miraculously, his BP is 120/80.

Months go by and the Columbian Illegal walk freely.  meantime the Co-Ordinator for the Board of Elections – my No 1 suspect and need I say, black – starts a campaign to discredit my son, committing perjury, filing false charges; her convicted felon granddaughter likewise,; they organise gangs to make sure my son – still with bandages – cannot even cross the street to go to the ATM for me…I have to escort him everywhere, and eventually for his own safety take him out of the country.  This all takes place in the presence of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety, NYS “Peace” Officers, paid for by our taxes, and 95% crooked, corrupt evil as all Hell.

In 2006 they attacked while I was walking home and I barely escaped with my life.   Carlos Guzman is still free. I had to leave my home, my practice, everything I worked for and move abroad, where I still reside pro tem.  Was the aCLU concerned?  No.  Was the NYCLU concerned?  No.  Was the NY Human Rights Commission concerned?  Not in the least.  In fact, and this is hilarious, they threw me out after I quoted from MLK’s “I have a dream” speech – the black gay incompetent lawyer and his “protector” a Jewish guy complete with yarmulke and other manifestations, not recognising it!!!

I hope this complements your story, Melony.  It is not my intent to “hijack” the concern and sympathy which you and your son merit, but to support it.  The US is turning into Zimbabwe and South Africa, where daily, white farmers are tortured, murdered, raped, set alight while Desmond Tutu and “The Great” Mandela turn their back and ponce around with utter indifference and impunity.


German EU boss backs down on flag at half mast bid – National News, Frontpage –

German EU boss backs down on flag at half mast bid – National News, Frontpage –

The banksters caused World War I.  After heavy criticism in the media – remember when journalists were “intrepid” – they bought AP which bought Reuters, then bought Time Life.


The banksters caused our current indebtedness – with the full consent of the greedmeisters in government – some of whom were pathological alcoholics – all with the “eye on the prize.”  We the people are guilty too, of tacit collusion in the abuses that led to the silencing and evictions of our people – right up to the presence.


Before Lisbon we were the “richest country in the world!”  Yep, for the 3% holding 97% of the wealth.  After Lisbon we were suddenly broke and in debt – but Lenihans Cancer at Christmas wiped that off the front pages.  Coincidence?  Cynical exploitation of a terminal diagnosis?


Ahern Lenihan Cowan (ALC) paid Rothschild Financial Services 1.9 million pa for “Financial Advice.”  Some of that advice included a meeting/lunch at the Fitzwilliam where Rothschild Bank Zurich announced an open door for concerned or over taxed Irish business.  This led to a flood of money out of the country.


Now Rothschild owned NAMA/IMF/ECB and their subsidiary banks such as Anglo Irish have received huge “bailouts” from the Irish taxpayer, (Grand Theft, Treasury) and have seized control of our best assets.


In the meantime we have seriously offended our American friends and family and honestly I don’t see anyone with the nous (myself and a few expats excepted) to reclaim that friendship.


At this rate, there may be no point in flying any flag, as we have all but lost our nationhood.


The best action Ireland can take is to join a friendly alliance of  GIIPS (or gypped!) nations, regarded as PIIGS by the EU-SSR  and take back our nationhood and dignity along with the other -coincidentally -Catholic- and Orthodox Nations.  They are using the stick of insult and economic disempowerment to beat us into submission;  we need to grab it out of their hands, snap it across our knees and tell them to go fetch!  and never forget:



New York mayor bans… 4

New York mayor bans… 4.

“Why have a memorial service, then!”

It won’t be a “memorial” service.  It will be a promotion for “Islamic American” relations, a “touchy feely” exercise from “Obstruction of Justice” Bloomberg to further the construction of the triumphalist “Cordoba Mosque.”  He’ll tell us we’ve moved on and congratulate us on the mosque as a “symbol” of good relations, tolerance, forgiveness or some such misplaced virtues.  There will be no Firefighters to gag or remind everyone of the horrors they went through, some burning their fingers to the bone to search for their sons and brothers crushed during ill equipped rescue ops;  there will be no cops to remind us how many have died from cancer or lung disease;  no Christian chaplains or Jewish rabbis to remind us that the first fatality was Fr. Michael Judge, OFM and that Islam is diametrically opposed to Christianity and Judaism.  He will probably parade all the “great Islamic contributors” to America, etc., while his NWO-moslem associate in the WH spews other covertly anti American platitudes.

Norman Scarth’s Day in Court

Norman Scarth’s Day in Court.

Please sign the petition to free this patriot.

<a href=””>Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison Petition | GoPetition</a>

Response to: Obama Would Fail Security Clearance – HUMAN EVENTS

Obama Would Fail Security Clearance – HUMAN EVENTS.


Al Mansour/Warden, Percy Sutton and Edward Said got him a place in Columbia.  During BO’s years as an undergraduate no-show, Ayers was teaching at Brooke Street College New York.  From unsubstantiated but poignantly credible sources it appears that BO and Ayers were close at that time.

Al Taleel, an apparent front man for Saudi Sheikh in chief Abdullah, paid Harvard Law $20 million to accept BO as a Law Student – without apparent credentials from Columbia.
The money was accepted by Harvard Law Professor Elaine Kagan, now enjoying her reward on the Supreme Court of the USA.  Probity anyone???
His acceptance to Harvard was accompanied by racial unrest – ACORN, perhaps? – thereby justifying an unqualified, incapable, plant to become Editor of Harvard Law Review.   He published one article, a student paper, rehashed, re-written, re-worked by his professor – Kagan perhaps?
No evidence of graduation.  Obama attempts to join the Illinois Bar Association, but flunks the “form filling” by saying he “never used another name.”
Dunham/Obama/Soetoro/X/Davis/Whatever is then placed in the University of Chicago by friends of William Ayers’ dad. He doesn’t qualify as even a junior lecturer so his salary is paid by the Pritzker Foundation.
He is manouevred into an elegant home and into the Illinois STate Senate where he is known as “The Empty Suit” for his failure to show up for any activity, save a vote to murder an infant survivor of abortion, and for a few million for U Chicago Hospital to create a position of “Community something” for Michelle, which “line” is now closed.
I have an IQ that was demonstrably off the charts and a body of literary work and an exceptional record in alternative health services, but have received zero assistance, support or affirmation from any such “notable” Ivy Leagues, etc.  The investment in the sly but incompetent BO is so staggering that one can only question with great apprehension what “return” is anticipated.
The economic destruction of the USA has been on the charts since at least the early 70s, easily dismissed then as impossible, but, now, alas, after two years with “The Plant,” aka “Enemy Agent,” as clear as the Pleiades on an August night.


What if Obama isn’t the son of Stanley Ann Dunham?

I’ve wondered about his chin…it looks prosthetic.

Certain photographs show “seams” or scars around the left side of his face, and an L shaped scar on the rear right of his head.


What have Obama and cohorts been at most pains to conceal?


Yup, DNA. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was unceremoniously cremated and her ashes flung off a cliff in Hawaii.

No recoverable DNA.

Grandmother was “kept on ice” until BO’s ratings plummeted a week before the election, then suddenly, Grandma died and saved Obama’s bacon. Well, derriere – let’s not insult the pigs who provide food to so many people.

Grandmother also unceremoniously cremated – no loving grandchildren in attendance – and tossed off a cliff in Hawaii.

No recoverable DNA.

Then there’s the visit to Ireland – to his “Obama” ancestors. Not the “Dunhams” – His visit was an act of complete contempt and disrespect for his putative Irish ancestry.

As a moslem, probably extremist wahabi, Obama cannot be seen to drink alcohol. Khat, marijuana, crack cocaine, etc., are ok, but not alcohol.

Alcohol in the form of wine is of great significance and impot in Christian religious rites, therefore cannot exist in moslem countries.

But it is de rigeur for every visitor to down a pint of Guinness – never understood that myself, but there it is. A vat of special Guinness, ie, non-alcoholic, was brought for Obama and Michelle, quickly downed, but…THE GLASSES WERE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY and cleaned by the Secret Service.

Why the urgency?


Is Obama really a Saud? An Afghan? Or just who he claims to be – the fatherless child of a Marxist mother, seduced and exploited in her teens by her father’s Marxist friend, Frank Marshall Davis, child molestor and pornographer…

Will the Medical Records show a reconstructed face? Or just the usual age deception? Can we force him to show them?

Whatever way one turns, there are lies, taquiyya, taquiyya, taquiyya and more questions. The only answer I can clearly offer is the words of the Christ: “look at the fruit; by the fruit you shall identify the tree…”

Obama’s fruits are death and destruction. How much more will we allow the Mystery Masked Man of Murder and Mayhem to ruin our country?

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